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Dream Come True Entertainment Paraded onto Main St. in Huntington Beach this Summer for Surf City Night’s Princess Party!  

It was a magical night with hundreds of little Princesses lined up in great anticipation and adorned in their most royal attire!  With original Songs and Dances led by Dream Come True Entertainment’s Six Princesses, smiles from children and parents lit up the Night as they joined in the festivities.  

Little Princesses watched wide-eyed and mirrored our every motion as we sang our DCT Theme Song, “I smile and I’m so happy to share my crown with you.  Believe in your heart, that’s the place to start… a Princess Dream Come True!”

“Hi Megan, I have to tell you that my daughter is still talking about how the princess’ left their kingdom and were at the beach playing and dancing in the street! She said ‘My mommy is special friends with Cinderella and SHE told her where she was going to be so that I could see all of them at once! And now I’m going to be special friends with Alice because she’s coming to my birthday party because I’m a really good girl!’  She cracks me up! ”  – Jenni, Huntington Beach, CA.

We stayed after each Princess Show to sign autographs and pose for pictures!

Even our Fairy God Mother joined in on the fun!

Special Thanks to: Surf City Nights and Mary Ann Senske for letting us celebrate with you!

And a big thank you to William Ford Photo for such great shots!

Would you like a Princess to come to your Daughter’s Party?  
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*Dream Come True Entertainment*
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We are thrilled to announce Dream Come True Entertainment’s NEW WEBSITE!  


Dream Come True Entertainment

Special Thanks to: William Ford Photo, Graphic Designer Sean Hanrahan, Music by Michael Sullivan, an Costume Design by Nancy Sullivan

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is thrilled to debut our new Princess and the Frog Parties!

 Join DCT’s new Performer, Princess Latoya as she brings this magical Frog Princess to life!  With Magic, Singing, Storytelling, Dancing, Face Painting and Balloons, your daughter and her guests will be enchanted by this nostalgic fairytale!

Our Princess and the Frog costume has been custom designed and created especially for Dream Come True Entertainment!  The vibrant colors and detail are exquisite!  And, just to bring that extra magical touch, your daughter will love meeting the Frog Prince too!  As a warning… he may try to give the Birthday Girl a kiss!  

 Is your daughter dreaming of her very own Princess and the Frog Birthday Party?  

Call to book your Party today!

562 . 884 . 2811

Dream Come True Entertainment . www.dreamcometrueentertainment.com

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It’s always fun when your daughter thinks beyond petticoats and tiaras for her Princess Birthday Party!  She dreams of magic lanterns, flying carpets and perhaps her own pet tiger!  An “Arabian Nights” Birthday Party may just be your daughter’s Dream Come True Birthday! 
 We have seen Moms and Dads get really creative by digging up their white Holiday lights and draping them into purple and blue fabric over their E-Z up tent in the back yard to create their own Arabian Princess Tent!  So clever!  It’s also fun to make colorful satin pillows for all the little guests to sit on or even their very own little magic carpet! Here’s a few photos from last weekend’s Arabian Princess Party with our very own Princess Alexis!

“Dear Megan,
Princess Alexis was fabulous!  She kept the children engaged and excited!  The princess was definitely the highlight of the party.  She transformed the party into a magical experience for the children.
Thank you,
Salina, Irvine, CA.”

Is your daughter dreaming of an “Arabain Nights” Birthday Party?

Click Here to book your Party today!  Or, simply give us a call!

www.DreamComeTrueEntertainment.com  562 . 884 . 2811

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For some reason…

Your daughter has suddenly requested to wear her hair in a long braid everyday, rebelling against her regular trim at the salon. You find her frolicking through your flower beds barefoot, sticking daisies in her hair and singing to herself. Maybe you have caught her trying to ride your family’s golden retriever like a horse through the living room. And perhaps she has been given a few time-outs for trying to hit her brother over the head with a frying pan…

This is not abnormal behavior. She is merely suffering from Rapunzel fever. Here at DCT are well aware that Rapunzel has captivated the hearts of every 2-6 year old little Princess out there. And trust us…we take this very seriously!

One of our dear Mommies in Orange County sent us these lovely photos from her daughter’s Rapunzel Princess Party. We thought she created the most magical day for her little Princess that we just had to share! We also thought that many of our Moms out there would be inspired by her fun ideas an details! Enjoy!

How fun! They attached a Rapunzel braid to their roof! So clever!

The girls were so sweet. They had so many questions… “How did you get here?” “How do you brush your hair?” “Where is your Tower?”

Birthday Girls are so much fun to tease! “Rapunzel! You’re silly!”

” Princess Megan helped us celebrate our daughter, Paige’s 4th birthday and was everything we hoped for and more. Rapunzel arrived and I have to admit I got teary seeing my youngest daughter’s eyes light up as all of her birthday dreams came true. Rapunzel continued to captivate and even create magic for the next hour. The girls were completely enthralled with her. I have never witnessed a princess visit at this level. She remembered the girl’s names and made each of them feel personally involved in the celebration. I loved how sweet the face painting was and not an entire face of paint. I have already recommended Dream Come True Entertainment to friends and my sister has hired Jasmine to come to her daughters party in April. This is the best when it comes to creating that special celebration!

Sincerely, Meredith Miller”

Details… Details… Details! Meredith did such a fabulous job! Had to share….

Such a cute favor. Each little Princess got their very own “braid” and crown to wear!

Rapunzel’s “tower” dessert cones! So cute! The cake was amazing too.

Loved the purple and white straws and the orange “boats” in little seas of jello! Clever!

“Rapunzel’s Golden Hair” cotton candy! Brilliant!

Such an easy DIY party favor! And so perfect for a Rapunzel Party!

A big “thank you” to the Miller family for letting us celebrate with you and for sending such wonderful photos for us to share with our other party planning Moms!

* Would you like to have Rapunzel come to your party?

Contact us today! It’s never to early to start planning your daughter’s Birthday Dream Come True!

Princess Megan posing in DCT’s gorgeous custom-made Rapunzel costume!



(562) 884-2811

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A couple weekends ago, we had the privilege of working with Newport Platinum Dance Academy to make a little Ballerina’s Birthday Dream Come True!

Jackie Happoldt, Artistic Director and fellow CSUF Alum welcomes her little Ballerinas into her lovely studio located in the heart of Newport Beach.  What a perfect place to celebrate your 4th Birthday Party!  

Jackie and her husband, Jerry are so hospitable and professional.  They create a wonderful playground for any little dancer to enjoy… especially for this little Birthday Princess… Gianna!

Princess Gianna in a sea of “poofy” dresses… ready to adorn her guests!

Tiny Dancers…

When I arrived… all the little ballerinas were waiting for me in a Princess tent!  They let me come in and visit with them before our show began.  I can’t believe my dress actually fit in there!

Time for a little Princess Magic!  “Oh, Sleeping Beauty… your’e so silly!”

Now time for some Princess Face Painting!

Faces painted and ready to dance with Ms. Jackie!  So cute.

Happy Birthday Gianna!

Special Thanks to Newport PDA, the Grass Family and of course to Princess Gianna for letting us celebrate with you!  What a magical party!  

“Hi Megan,

While doing your “magic time” at the table, Gianna walked over to me beaming, looked at you and back at me, and said, “Mommy, I made a wish at Grammy’s house the other day, and my wish just came true!” I guess you really are “Dream Come True Entertainment”! Thanks for making Gianna’s party SO special for her and so entertaining to all her friends. She loved every minute of it, the magic tricks, the songs, the face-painting. I will happily refer you to my mommy friends.

Thought I’d share this picture of you and my daughter! I have lots more if you’d like once I get around to uploading them!

Again, thanks for everything!  Best, Marni “


Thanks Marni!  Why not have your next Birthday Party for your little Ballerina at Newport PDA?  Or, are you looking for a professional dance studio in Orange County where your little Princess can thrive in her love for dance?  You can visit their website and view their monthly schedule to sign up for a class! 

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Some beautiful decorations!

Fairy Dust!?!

Who doesn't love Princess hair accessories?

Jazz up your cupcakes with tiaras!
Hello Fellow Princess’!  Princess Alexis here!  When planning your little princess’ special day, sometimes it can be hard to entertain dozens of VERY excited and energetic girls before your Princess arrives, or even after we have to go back to the castle.  I have found that having a craft table can be the perfect addition to your party!  Whether it’s a making a princess crown, bedazzling a picture, or decorating cookies, a small craft is fun and also a great party favor!  We found some links that you might enjoy plus some decoration ideas . . Let us know which one is your favorite!

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Hello, Moms and Dads!  Princess Megan here!  Over the years we have received some very heartfelt Thank You notes.  Many Moms share their feedback and thoughts via email or a quick phone call.  Some Moms go the distance to send us a Thank You that they created to send to their guests as well.  These are my favorite.  We find so many of our Moms to be extremely creative in their party details and planning.  (Don’t think I’m not taking notes on the side!)  We love to encourage our Moms to take as many pictures as they like to capture the day.  Sometimes a photo with each guest is a nice addition to a Thank You note!  This Mom below put together a lovely collage through Shutterfly of her daughter’s special day!

It was so fun to receive in the mail.  And, of course, Princess Reagan was a doll!  A surprise visit from Snow White was definitely her Dream Come True!  A sincere Thank You to the Young family and to sweet Reagan for letting us celebrate with you!  It was so fun!  Hope you enjoy every moment of being 4!  – Princess Megan

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Hello Moms and Dads!  Princess Megan here!  A couple of weeks ago we received some wonderful feedback from another very happy Mommy.  As many party planning moms know, this time of year the forecast can always be unpredictable.  We find ourselves loosing sleep at night thinking, “What am I going to do if it rains?  Where am I going to put all these children?  How am I going to entertain them if they have to be inside?” (believe me!  I know!  My daughter’s Birthday is December 19th!).  However, this is when investing in a Princess to come to your party is a brilliant idea…

Dream Come True Entertainment has created a show that can be performed inside or out and never relies on the weather to be perfect.  In fact, some of our most memorable parties come out of these settings… snuggled up in a living room with the rain pouring down outside and enjoying an intimate Princess time with the Birthday Girl and her friends.  So, when rain is in your forecast, no need to cancel your little Princess’ big day!  Because to us… rain or shine… it’s Princess time!
Here’s a few words from our very happy Mommy…
Hi Megan,
I wanted to thank you again for helping us make our daughter’s 4th birthday such a fun and exciting one for her and all of her friends –  a carefree and relaxing time for my husband and me as hosts.  I truly appreciate you for diving right in engaging the early arrivals so that I could finish the last of the party food prep.
You completely mesmerized the girls as Little Mermaid and had so many indoor activities in your two “treasure chests” to keep the kids entertained that I don’t think anyone missed the originally planned outside party.  In fact, you made such an impression that even an hour after you left, several little princesses were still asking disappointingly “why did Little Mermaid have to go?”
Almost every parent attending shared unsolicited compliments on something about your performance – your beautiful voice, your impressive “princess persona,” how wonderful you looked, your patience with children, the breadth of your activities, etc.  You definitely “WOW’ed” the parents as well as the children!  
Thank you again for coming out on a raining day and turning the party into a bright and beautiful one.  You were the sunshine of Katherine’s day.  We could not have pulled off such a great party without you and Dream Come True Entertainment.
Best regards,
Grace, Los Angeles, CA.

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We are excited to have Princess Kaitlin back after performing for 6 Months in Hong Kong!  Welcome back Kaitlin!  Visit Our Performers Page to learn more about our Princesses! 

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Hello Friends! Princess Alexis and Princess Megan here, setting out to go where no other Princesses have gone before! Don’t worry! You can be apart of this adventure too! But, we need your suggestions! As discussed in our past blogs, we love to be in our Princess costumes and watch strangers react to an unexpected “Princess Sighting” while going about their normal every day life. This usually happens at the gas pump, parking lot, drive thru, etc…

So we have decided to take this to a whole new level! However, we would like to know… Where YOU would like to see a random and unexpected “Princess Sighting”? Leave your comments below and we hope to make your creative idea a “Dream Come True” LOL! We will be setting off on this fairytale adventure next Wednesday the 14th with cameras following our every turn! We will be selecting ideas from your comments below as we dare to prove our point: “Princesses… They’re just like US!” So, give us your creative idea and you could be our Dream Come True Winner!! Prize you ask? Why not an ever so coveted Starbucks Gift Card! We can’t wait to hear from you! Good Luck!

-Princess Megan and Princess Alexis

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Hello Princess Friends!  Princess Alexis here!  I’m so excited to share our fairytale adventures with you!  Princess Megan and I met a year and a half ago through our dear friend, Laura Thatcher Goss.  Laura happens to be my best friend from childhood, and Megan and Laura met in the theater department at Cal State Fullerton.  I had heard about

Megan & I at Laura's Wedding, October 2010. Megan's 7 months pregnant!!

Megan for years – her talent, beauty, charm, and her big heart!  It was fate when I moved back to California from the Big Apple and we finally met in person – it was a Princess match made in heaven!!  We clicked immediately (over our love for princesses, children, fashion, & musical theater, among other things!) and have been living what feels like our own Princess Fairytale!  Megan, you are one special woman and I’m so lucky to be able to call you my Princess Partner AND my dear friend!  You are MY Dream Come True!!

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This past weekend  DCT made a special appearance at Color Me Mine in Santa Monica!  The Birthday Girl and her friends were so sweet and creative.  I loved the atmosphere and the imagination these little ones had!  As I was leaving, all the little girls were giving me Princess kisses and hugs goodbye.  One of the little “princes” decided to kiss my hand, as all Prince Charmings do!  I told him if he keeps that up he will have many Princesses chasing after him!  :)  The best part about performing in Santa Monica near the Promenade is the Public Parking.  It’s always hilarious to watch strangers react when witness a random “Princess sighting”.  Some get so excited and wave, some turn the other way out of embarrassment and others cheer me on just knowing that I am about to make a little girl’s dream come true!  Regardless of how your everyday pedestrian reacts… I cross the busy streets with my head held high, tiara on good and tight and smile to everyone.  I mean, do I have a choice?!!  Being a Princess takes confidence and grace and every once in a while… big piece of humble pie!  LOL!  Special thanks to Bita and Color Me Mine for such a fun party!  We were referred to Bita, our LA Mommy thru Peachhead, a wonderful resource site for families in the Los Angeles area to connect and refer services to!  As a Mom, this was a great site to add to my own bookmarks!

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What a thrilling weekend to be a Princess!  On Sunday, DCT went Downtown to perform at JW Marritot’s WP 24 (Wolfgang Puck) at LA Live!  Debbie and her team at Aquafuzion were a delight to work with!  They were so professional and kind, making this authentic 100 Day Celebration a rememberable event!  The theme was “Garden Fairy”.  So, how perfect was our  “Cherry Blossom Pink Fairy” costume for this event?!  We posed for pictures, Face Painted, performed our Magic, Storytelling and of course… Princess Sing-a-Long!  The view of Downtown from the 24th floor of the JW Marritot was incredible.  What a pleasure to work with Debbie and her team and to spend the evening in such a spectacular place!  Who knew a Pink Garden Fairy could have such a great time at LA Live!  :)

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We had the pleasure to work with Cindy from Cindy Cinderella Carriages.  What a beautiful and professional service she offers!  Based out of Riverside, Cindy and her team traveled down to Carlsbad with their horses and carriage!  Princess Megan along with Rich from Hey Hey Entertainment arrived in a horse-drawn carriage to a very lucky little Birthday Girl’s home!  The look on her face when we arrived was priceless!  Cindy invited the Birthday Girl and her friends in the carriage to tour around the neighborhood as we showed off our Princess waves!  What a dream come true for this little princess!  Special shout out to Cindy and her team for making this day so special and for letting us be apart of it!

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Welcome to our Dream Come True Entertainment Princess Blog!  The perfect place for parents to come and dream of a magical party for your little Princess!  We hope this blog inspires our Moms and Dads to think just as your daughter would…  In the land of tiaras and dress up… candles and frosting… and of course… happily ever after.

-Princess Megan & Princess Alexis  {your favorite Princesses in the Southland}

Visit our DREAM COME TRUE ENTERTAINMENT Website for Party Packages and Pricing!

562 . 884 . 2811

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