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Some beautiful decorations!

Fairy Dust!?!

Who doesn't love Princess hair accessories?

Jazz up your cupcakes with tiaras!
Hello Fellow Princess’!  Princess Alexis here!  When planning your little princess’ special day, sometimes it can be hard to entertain dozens of VERY excited and energetic girls before your Princess arrives, or even after we have to go back to the castle.  I have found that having a craft table can be the perfect addition to your party!  Whether it’s a making a princess crown, bedazzling a picture, or decorating cookies, a small craft is fun and also a great party favor!  We found some links that you might enjoy plus some decoration ideas . . Let us know which one is your favorite!


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Princess Megan and Princess Alexis are going where to princesses have gone before . . . but we need your help!!  On Wednesday September 14th, we will be painting the town as our favorite princesses!  We want to know, where would YOU like to see a random and unexpected “Princess Sighting”?? Post your suggestions by 10AM Wednesday and you could win a Starbucks Gift Card!!  Thank you!!

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Hello Princess Friends!  Princess Alexis here!  I’m so excited to share our fairytale adventures with you!  Princess Megan and I met a year and a half ago through our dear friend, Laura Thatcher Goss.  Laura happens to be my best friend from childhood, and Megan and Laura met in the theater department at Cal State Fullerton.  I had heard about

Megan & I at Laura's Wedding, October 2010. Megan's 7 months pregnant!!

Megan for years – her talent, beauty, charm, and her big heart!  It was fate when I moved back to California from the Big Apple and we finally met in person – it was a Princess match made in heaven!!  We clicked immediately (over our love for princesses, children, fashion, & musical theater, among other things!) and have been living what feels like our own Princess Fairytale!  Megan, you are one special woman and I’m so lucky to be able to call you my Princess Partner AND my dear friend!  You are MY Dream Come True!!

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Welcome to our Dream Come True Entertainment Princess Blog!  The perfect place for parents to come and dream of a magical party for your little Princess!  We hope this blog inspires our Moms and Dads to think just as your daughter would…  In the land of tiaras and dress up… candles and frosting… and of course… happily ever after.

-Princess Megan & Princess Alexis  {your favorite Princesses in the Southland}

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