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Some beautiful decorations!

Fairy Dust!?!

Who doesn't love Princess hair accessories?

Jazz up your cupcakes with tiaras!
Hello Fellow Princess’!  Princess Alexis here!  When planning your little princess’ special day, sometimes it can be hard to entertain dozens of VERY excited and energetic girls before your Princess arrives, or even after we have to go back to the castle.  I have found that having a craft table can be the perfect addition to your party!  Whether it’s a making a princess crown, bedazzling a picture, or decorating cookies, a small craft is fun and also a great party favor!  We found some links that you might enjoy plus some decoration ideas . . Let us know which one is your favorite!

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We had such a lovely afternoon last Wednesday!  After becoming a Mom myself, I have come to realize that Moms are not meant to survive in their own kingdoms alone!  They need other Moms around them to socialize, connect, network and just lean on when needed!  Let’s face it… we need Moms Groups!  I was very fortunate to discover a Moms Meet Up group in Monrovia!  Although I am new to the group, I was introduced by a friend of mine from High School who lives here in Monrovia.  She has the same passion for kids as we do and has a fantastic business of her own, Twinkle Toes with Miss Amie, teaching little girls ballet!  We decided to join forces for the day and share our businesses with other Mommies here in Monrovia!  (I thought Amie made a lovely Princess!)  Amie also does Air Brush Face Painting, which was really exciting for the kids!  Special thanks to the Meet Up Moms and to Amie for introducing me to a wonderful group of Moms in my own backyard!  Can’t wait for the next Monrovia Moms Meet Up!

Princes came too!  And, they were not shy!  

Magic time!  Miss Amie teaching her Princess Ballet

Sarah and Cami… only a few days apart!

Can’t wait to see these two in Kindergarten together!

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Congratulations to Mrs. April Smith of Long Beach, California!

Our Starbucks Winner!

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Princess Megan and Princess Alexis are going where to princesses have gone before . . . but we need your help!!  On Wednesday September 14th, we will be painting the town as our favorite princesses!  We want to know, where would YOU like to see a random and unexpected “Princess Sighting”?? Post your suggestions by 10AM Wednesday and you could win a Starbucks Gift Card!!  Thank you!!

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Hello Friends! Princess Alexis and Princess Megan here, setting out to go where no other Princesses have gone before! Don’t worry! You can be apart of this adventure too! But, we need your suggestions! As discussed in our past blogs, we love to be in our Princess costumes and watch strangers react to an unexpected “Princess Sighting” while going about their normal every day life. This usually happens at the gas pump, parking lot, drive thru, etc…

So we have decided to take this to a whole new level! However, we would like to know… Where YOU would like to see a random and unexpected “Princess Sighting”? Leave your comments below and we hope to make your creative idea a “Dream Come True” LOL! We will be setting off on this fairytale adventure next Wednesday the 14th with cameras following our every turn! We will be selecting ideas from your comments below as we dare to prove our point: “Princesses… They’re just like US!” So, give us your creative idea and you could be our Dream Come True Winner!! Prize you ask? Why not an ever so coveted Starbucks Gift Card! We can’t wait to hear from you! Good Luck!

-Princess Megan and Princess Alexis

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